Harry Balfour School invites you on an adventure back in time on May 15


Harry Balfour School Participarent invites past and present students and staff to its Blast from the Past event. Tour the hallways that helped shape your educational journey, look through old yearbooks, and contribute to the new Harry Balfour School and support many generations to come!

The event will be hosted by the Harry Balfour School Participarent group, school staff, and volunteers. Trees, which will be planted as a wind barrier for the new school, will be available for purchase by cash, debit, or cheque, and tickets for an online 50/50 draw will also be available. Principal Ms. Jen Clevette says the school is very close to funding the entire playground for the new school, and hopes funds raised from this event, and the upcoming adult dance on June 15 at 5Mile Hall will put them over the top.

Ms. Clevette says the Blast from the Past event stemmed from several requests to see the school one last time. “We have had so many people ask what our plans are for the old pictures that are up on the walls and if they can come see them before we move. We anticipate former students and parents and some incredible retired teachers to join us next week.” She says everyone is excited to host such a special event and thanks the school’s Participarent group for their dedication to Harry Balfour School.

The Blast from the Past event will take place at Harry Balfour School, 10815 – 104 Street in Grande Prairie from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on May 15.