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PWPSD Committee Structure & Membership 2023-2024

ASBA Zone 1 Rep.
Blaine Riding
Alternate: Stefanie Clarke
One Trustee (all trustees welcome)
Audit Committee
Blaine Riding, Dwayne Speager, Lori Grant (Board Chair)
Board Chair and two Trustees (also serve on Admin. Finance) Superintendent, Secretary Treasurer (as required)
Board Goals Setting Ad Hoc Committee
Lori Grant, Blaine Riding, Dana McIntosh
Three Trustees and Superintendent
Business & Industry Liaison Committee
Lori Grant (Board Chair)
Dale Crane (Appointee)
Board Chair (Chair may appoint others), Superintendent or Designate
Communications & Promotions Committee Martine Piebiak, Wendy Kelm, Blaine Riding Three Trustees
Superintendent or Designate, and Communications Officer
Grant Notley Scholarship Committee Rep. Martine Piebiak One Trustee from Ward 1 or Ward 2
Grievance Committee Wendy Kelm, Dwayne Speager Two Trustees (one from Negotiating)
Superintendent or Director of HR & LR
Harry Balfour Replacement Facility Ad Hoc Committee Stefanie Clarke, Lori Grant (Board Chair) Local Trustee and Board Chair
Health & Safety Committee Rep. Dwayne Speager One Trustee
Negotiating Committee
Stefanie Clarke, Wendy Kelm, Dale Crane, Lori Grant (Board Chair)
Alternate: Millie Turner
Maximum of three Trustees, Board Chair and an Alternate
Director of HR & LR
New High School Ad Hoc Committee
Lori Grant, Wendy Kelm, Stefanie Clarke
Two Trusteess, Board Chair
Policy Review Committee  Dana McIntosh, Martine Piebiak, Blaine Riding Three Trustees
Superintendent or Designate and Corp. Secretary
Political Action Committee Dana McIntosh, Millie Turner, Wendy Kelm, Lori Grant (Board Chair) Board Chair, three Trustees (one from each MLA Constituency) Superintendent or Designate
Public School Boards Council Rep.
Stefanie Clarke
Alternate: Martine Piebiak
One Trustee (and Alternate), Superintendent or Designate
Rural Caucus of AB Rep.
Stefanie Clarke
Alternate: Blaine Riding
One Trustee
School Year Calendar Committee
Dwayne Speager
One Trustee, Deputy Superintendent
Student Matters Committee
Dwayne Speager, Blaine Riding, Dana McIntosh
Alternate: Millie Turner
Three Trustees
Superintendent or Designate
Survey Committee Dwayne Speager, Millie Turner, Stefanie Clarke Three Trustees
Superintendent or Designate
Teacher Board Liaison (TBL) Dale Crane, Millie Turner, Martine Piebiak, Lori Grant (Board Chair) Board Chair & three Trustees (one from Negotiating)
Superintendent or Designate
Teachers' Employer Bargaining Association (TEBA) Representatives Stefanie Clarke One Trustee member until Trustee ceases to hold office or employer designates another. (Also serves on Negotiations)
Teamster/Board Liaison Blaine Riding, Martine Piebiak Two Trustees (at least one from Teamster Union Area) Dir. of Transportation & Dir. of  HR & LR
Transportation Appeal Committee Dale Crane, Millie Turner, Dana McIntosh Three Trustees
Superintendent, Dir. of Transportation or Designates
  • In the absence of a Committee Member, another Trustee may act in his or her place.
  • The Board Chair may sit on any committee except appeal committees as an ex-offico member.